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In Appreciation of the Greatest Generation

By Kathy L. McNair, Esq.

I have been fortunate to meet many men and women that are World War II veterans or lived during this time. One client shared his story of being at the beach at Normandy on D-Day. Another client, a nurse in London during the war, remembered running from the bombs. She recalled how the letters that she sent home to her mother in Ireland were blacked out by a censor. I had never heard of this, but after googling it realized that this was a common occurence during the war. Unfortunatley, several of my female clients lost newlywed husbands or boyfriends in the war. I am always amazed by their ability to persevere after such loss. The clients that I have met from this generation are wondeful examples of hard working, responsible, and strong individuals. There are not many World War II veterans left and each time I meet one, I feel privileged. Thank you for your service and your sacrifice. Thank you for sharing your stories with me.

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