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Scam Alert- Don't overpay for a copy of your deed

By Kathy McNair, Esq.

Recently, I have had several clients contact me about a letter they received regarding the deed to their homes. The letter requests that they send between $60 - $90 for a copy of the deed to their home and a property assessment. In each case, the client had recently made a change to the property deed. This letter is very deceiving.

Do you need a copy of your deed? Chances are, that you probably already have a copy. If you don't have a copy of the deed, is there a reason why you need one? If not, then you should not worry about this. If and when you need a copy, you can often print out a copy of your deed online from the Registry of Deeds for your county for free. If your deed is not online, you should be able to obtain a copy for $.50. Most towns and cities offer a copy of your tax assessment online for free also. If you do need a copy of your deed, please don't fall for this overpriced trap.

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