Estate Planning for Young Families

Planning for your family's security

Your children are the most important people in your life and you plan to be there for them always— watching them grow into adults, sending them off into the world, and then meeting your grandchildren.  However, life is uncertain, and while it is not pleasant to think about, you should take steps to ensure that your children will be protected, in the event something unforeseen happens to you before they are grown.


As parents of young children ourselves, we understand how busy your life is.  We strive to make te process as efficient and as affordable as possible.  

To get started, there are three simple steps to take:


1.  Download our workbook , "Estate Planning for Young Families", and complete our questionnaire and return it to us.   


2.  We will contact you to schedule a 30 minute phone conference, skype, or meeting to review any questions.


3. We will draft the documents for your review and schedule a time to meet to execute your estate plan. 










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