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Nursing home care is expensive...  

Be sure you get the right advice.


Nursing home care and long term care costs in Massachusetts are often over $170,000 per year.  Medicare and private health insurance will only pay for nursing home care for a short time and not more than 100 days.   Many people don't think that they will ever need nursing home care, but sometimes their needs cannot be met at home.  Advanced Medicaid planning offers the greatest opportunity to protect your assets. However, Medicaid Planning can still help to protect your assets from the high cost of nursing home care,  even when nursing home care is already needed or imminent, especially for married couples.  


Medicaid also offers support for seniors that wish to stay at home or in assisted living facilties.  We can assist you in exploring the numerous Community MassHealth  programs and determining how to qualify for these programs.  

  My Spouse needs

 nursing home care, how can I protect my assets?

Timing is critical, you need guidance now.


At this difficult time, you should not have to worry about losing your life savings.  In 2024, in Massachusetts, a person applying for Medicaid with a spouse at home cannot qualify unless they have less than $154,140. If you have more, we may be able to make recommendations to protect your assets.  Time is of the essence, as each day you wait may cost you hundreds of dollars.  We will provide a MassHealth Plan to give you a roadmap for protecting your assets.


I want to stay at home but I can't afford home care

How can I protect my home?

Community Medicaid Programs


In Massachusetts, Medicaid offers a variety of programs to help frail seniors continue living in the community, rather than in nursing homes. The income and asset limits vary by the program.   With proper guidance, you may be surprised to find that you or your spouse may be able to get the care needed to stay at home, while protecting assets.  Some Community MassHealth programs even offer assistance paying for Assisted Living Facilties.  We are available to guide you through this often confusing area to ensure that you continue to live at home or in the community for as long as possible.  

Protecting your home


Planning at least five years in advance of the need for nursing home care allows you the best opportunity to protect the equity in your home.  We often use Life Estate Deeds or Irrevocable trusts as options for protecting your home. 


You need to make sure that you get the right advice.  Anytime you consider changing the title on your home, you should make sure that your interests are protected and that tax consequences are considered.  

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