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Fiduciaries are needed when a person needs help managing finances and paying bills.  The attorneys at Senior Solutions have been serving as fiduciaries since 1999, and have over 35 years of combined experience serving as fiduciary.  Our goal is to make sure that your needs are met and your wishes are respected.  Perhaps you are looking to plan in advance in the event that you need help managing your assets and paying your bills.  Our fiduciary services include acting as your agent under your Durable Power of Attorney,  serving as Personal Representative of Estates, serving as Trustees, and Conservators.    When possible, we hope to establish relationships with our clients while they are still independent so that we can understand your vision for the future and honor your wishes when the time comes for us to serve.  

If you are a senior who is concerned about aging alone, we can coordinate a team of "Aging Allies", ready to step in and help you when needed.  An aging ally can be a friend, doctor, financial advisor, accountant, geriatric care manager, neighbor, senior center staff, staff at your senior living community/apartment, relatives who may live out of town, or anyone you can trust.  We also have relationships with many aging allies who we coordinate with to ensure that you have a plan for your future.  If you don't know where to begin, please contact us so that we can introduce ourselves to you and begin the conversation.

We are caring Elder Law and Estate Planning Attorneys in Boston, Massachusetts, ready to help you.


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