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At this difficult time, Probate should be the least of your worries.




    When a loved one dies owning property in his or her name alone, probate is necessary.  Probate refers to the appointment of a Personal Representative, to transfer the title of your assets out of your name and to distribute the assets according to the wishes in your will.  As experienced Boston Probate attorneys, we can help you, making the process hassle free. 


    We represent Personal Representatives throughout the probate process.  We also serve as Personal Representatives to handle the probate process for you from start to finish.  Attorney Kathy McNair, is also appointed as a Public Administrator for Suffolk County.  She is one of five attorneys in Suffolk County, appointed by the Governor, to handle estates for residents that die without property and do not have any known heirs.  We are ready to help you navigate the maze of the probate process.

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