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What will it cost?

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Free Initial Consultation

We offer a free initial consultation (about 20 minutes) by phone or Zoom so that we can find out what you are looking for and we can determine if we are the right people to help.  By the end of this call, we will also give you a better idea of the cost and you can decide whether you wish to hire us.  We aren’t able to give any specific legal advice until we are hired as your attorney.

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Fee Agreements and Retainers

In every case, we will discuss with you the anticipated fees and costs, and we will provide you with a written fee agreement.  We will request that you provide us with an upfront payment before we begin working on your case.   

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Hourly Fee v Flat Fee

When possible, we will provide the client with a flat fee.  However, there are certain cases where it is difficult to predict the amount of time that we will need to spend and we will bill the client on an hourly basis. Our hourly fee for 2022 is $395 per hour for attorney time and $195 per hour for paralegal time.  


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